School District Date Time Location
Malvern 5/13/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Building
Paragould 5/13/2014 12pm-3pm Community Center Room C
Paragould 5/14/2014 9am-12pm Community Center Room C
Searcy 5/14/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Boardroom
Paragould 5/15/2014 9am-12pm Community Center Room C
Russellville 5/15/2014 9am-12pm MS-Large Group Meeting Room
Blytheville 5/20/2014 9am-12pm HS Auditorium
Stuttgart 5/20/2014 12pm-3pm Admin. Boardroom
Arkadelphia 5/21/2014 12pm-3pm Cent. Prim. Auditorium/Admin.
Camden-Fairview 5/21/2014 9am-12pm Central Office Auditorium
Greenwood 5/22/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Auditorium
Hope 5/22/2014 9am-12pm Central Office
El Dorado 5/27/2014 9am-12pm Central Office Boardroom
Cleveland Co. 5/28/2014 9am-12pm Rison Elementary Library
Dollarway 5/28/2014 12pm-3pm Central Office Boardroom
Drew Central 5/29/2014 9am-12pm Auditorium
Mountain View 6/3/2014 9am-12pm Admin Building
White County Central 6/3/2014 12pm-3pm High School Commons
Flippin 6/4/2014 12pm-3pm Middle School Library
Hartford 6/4/2014 9am-12pm High School Library
Booneville 6/5/2014 9am-12pm Jr. High Library
Harrison 6/5/2014 9am-12pm Middle School
Van Buren 6/10/2014 9am-12pm High School Commons Area
Waldron 6/10/2014 9am-12pm Central Office Meeting Room
Greenbrier 6/11/2014 9am-12pm PD Center
South Conway County 6/11/2014 9am-12pm Morrilton HS Cafeteria
Sheridan 6/12/2014 9am-12pm Middle School Assembly Room
Wynne 6/12/2014 9am-12pm High School Science Hall Room 136
Forrest City 6/17/2014 12pm-3pm Jr. High Auditorium
Glen Rose 6/17/2014 9am-12pm Middle School Library
Pocahontas 6/18/2014 12pm-3pm Jr. High Library
Southside Batesville 6/18/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria Annex
Mountainburg 6/19/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria
West Memphis 6/19/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria
Neelyville 6/24/2014 12pm-3pm Admin. Boardroom
Prescott 6/24/2014 12pm-3pm High School Campus
Hayti 6/25/2014 9am-12pm Cafeteria
Mineral Springs 6/25/2014 12pm-3pm Cafeteria-across from the Administration Building
Armorel 6/26/2014 9am-12pm High School
Dardanelle 6/26/2014 12pm-3pm Primary Library(1376 North Liberty Road, Dardanelle)
Lakeside 6/30/2014 9am-12pm High School Library
Bismarck 7/1/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Boardroom
Cutter-Morning Star 7/1/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Building
Bauxite 7/8/2014 9am-12pm Middle School Professional Development Room
Lake Hamilton 7/9/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Boardroom
Gentry 7/10/2014 9am-12pm High School Auditorium
Texarkana 7/14/2014 9am-12pm Admin Boardroom
Watson Chapel 7/14/2014 12pm-3pm Admin Boardroom
Hackett 7/15/2014 9am-12pm Old Main Building Auditorium
Marion 7/15/2014 12pm-3pm Jr. High Cafeteria
Gosnell 7/16/2014 12pm-3pm High School Library
Perryville 7/16/2014 9am-12pm High School Library
Carlisle 7/17/2014 9am-12pm Elementary Cafeteria
Monticello 7/17/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria
Gurdon 7/18/2014 9am-12pm Alumni Room(located in the Admin. Building)
Brinkley 7/21/2014 12pm-3pm Elementary Cafeteria
Emerson/Taylor/Bradley 7/21/2014 9am-12pm Taylor High School Library
Barton-Lexa 7/22/2014 9am-12pm Elementary Workroom-Main Building
Pottsville 7/22/2014 9am-12pm High School
Lamar County, MS 7/23/2014 12pm-3pm Oak Grove Primary(70 Leaf Lane, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Mulberry/Pleasant View 7/23/2014 9am-12pm High School
Arkansas Arts Academy 7/24/2014 9am-12pm Admin Building
Lamar County, MS 7/24/2014 9am-12pm Oak Grove Primary(70 Leaf Lane, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Greenville 7/25/2014 9am-12pm Manning Curriculum Center
Warren 7/25/2014 9am-12pm Admin Building Meeting Room
DeWitt 7/28/2014 12pm-3pm Elementary Library
Hayti 7/28/2014 12pm-3pm High School Cafeteria
Alma 7/29/2014 8:30am-12pm Promethean-G2 Lab; SubTeach-Cafeteria
Marked Tree 7/29/2014 9am-12pm High School Library-Advertise at least 2 weeks
Dover 7/30/2014 12pm-3pm Fine Arts Cafeteria (170 College Street-near MS)
Mountain Home 7/30/2014 9am-12pm Dunbar Auditorium
Bentonville 7/31/2014 8am-12:30pm Admin. Bldg.-See calendar for time details.
Lavaca 7/31/2014 9am-12pm Central Office
Fountain Lake 8/1/2014 9am-12pm High School Auditorium
Manila 8/1/2014 9am-12pm Cafeteria
West Fork 8/1/2014 9am-12pm High School Room 26
Greenbrier 8/4/2014 9am-12pm Middle School PD Center
Atkins 8/5/2014 12pm-3pm Elementary Cafeteria (611 NW 4th Street)
Mountain View 8/5/2014 9am-12pm Administration Building
Clarksville 8/6/2014 12pm-3pm High School Library
Nevada 8/6/2014 9am-12pm Library
Southside 8/6/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria Annex
Concord 8/7/2014 9am-12pm High School Library
Melbourne 8/7/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria
Batesville 8/8/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Boardroom
Mount Ida 8/8/2014 9am-12pm High School Room 7A
Alpena 8/11/2014 12pm-3pm Cafeteria
Waldron 8/11/2014 12pm-3pm Central Office
Armorel 8/12/2014 12pm-3pm High School
Greenwood 8/12/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Building
Dardanelle 8/13/2014 9am-12pm Central Office (209 Cedar Street)
Hackett 8/13/2014 12pm-3pm Auditorium
Nevada 8/13/2014 9am-12pm Elementary Library
East End 8/14/2014 9am-12pm Elementary Library
Magazine 8/14/2014 9am-12pm High School Library
McGehee 8/14/2014 12pm-3pm Elementary
Lonoke 8/15/2014 9am-12pm High School Cafeteria
Pine Bluff 8/15/2014 9am-12pm High School Little Theater (711 W. 11th St.)
Paragould 8/18/2014 12pm-3pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Paragould 8/19/2014 9am-12pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Paragould 8/19/2014 1pm-4pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Ouachita 8/20/2014 9am-12pm High School
Paragould 8/20/2014 12pm-3pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Lafayette County 8/21/2014 9am-12pm Upper Elem. Building Room 210
Paragould 8/21/2014 9am-12pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Paragould 8/22/2014 9am-12pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Mena 8/25/2014 9am-12pm Bear Cat Room
Russellville 8/25/2014 12pm-3pm Middle School Large Meeting Room
Crossett 8/26/2014 12pm-3pm TIPS Center
Hector 8/26/2014 1pm-4pm Cafeteria
Hampton 8/27/2014 9am-12pm (West) High School Conference Room
Huntsville 8/27/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Building
Hamburg 8/28/2014 12pm-3pm Central Office
Searcy 8/28/2014 9am-12pm Central Office
Dumas 8/29/2014 9am-12pm Curriculam Center
Osceola 8/29/2014 9am-12pm North Elem Campus-Parent Center Meeting Room
Fouke 9/2/2014 9am-12pm High School Library
Lamar County, MS 9/2/2014 12pm-3pm Oak Grove Primary(70 Leaf Lane, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Lamar County, MS 9/3/2014 9am-12pm Oak Grove Primary(70 Leaf Lane, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Texarkana 9/3/2014 9am-12pm Admin. Boardroom
Mountain Home 9/10/2014 12pm-3pm Dunbar Auditorium
England 9/11/2014 1pm-4pm High School Cafeteria
Bald Knob 9/12/2014 9am-12pm Admin Boardroom
Paragould Area Training 9/17/2014 9am-12pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
Paragould Area Training 9/17/2014 1pm-4pm SubTeachUSA Training Room
South Conway County 9/17/2014 12pm-3pm High School Auditorium- Parking in the back
Pocahontas 9/19/2014 9am-12pm Junior High School Library
Mountainburg 9/25/2014 12pm-3pm Administration Building
Pottsville 9/26/2014 9am-12pm Elementary Building
Harrison 10/2/2014 9am-12pm Admin Boardroom
Cotter 10/3/2014 9am-12pm Admin Board Room