Services We Provide


We recruit substitute teachers all year long.


We offer several training seminars each year which covers:
(a) Classroom Management.
(b) Following Lesson Plans.
(c) Innovative Instructional Techniques.
(d) Fill in Suggestions.
(e) Tips on becoming a prepared and professional substitute teacher.
We will come to your area to make the seminar more convenient for your local substitute teachers.


No longer will you have to spend hours calling many substitute teachers in order to fill a position. One phone call to our call center and we take care of the rest.

Problem Solving

If a school district is dissatisfied with a substitute teacher then one call or email to our office and that subsitute will be dropped from your sub list.


SubTeachUSA will maintain all the personnel files, handle all payroll issues and answer all the substitutes’ questions regarding pay. We will customize a billing statement to meet your district’s unique needs and requirements.


Call Tammy Winn @ 1-800-641-0140