Q: Can I request a specific substitute?
A: Yes, if you have a sub request we will book the request if he/she is available.

Q: Can we still use our favorite subs?
A: Yes, SubTeachUSA prefers to continue to use your favorite subs.

Q: Does the school still maintain control of our sub pool?
A: Yes, we want to use subs that work best for your school.We will block substitutes that you do not want back on your campus.

Q: What happens if SubTeachUSA cannot fill a job by the start of school day?
A: Your call center representative will call the building’s contact person at a time prearranged with the building to let them know we have been unable to fill, but are still working on filling the job.

Q: Who do we call if a sub fails to show up for an assignment?
A: Call our 1-800 number and let your call center representative know. We will immediately rebook the assignment and investigate why the sub did not show up for work.

Q: Who do we call if a teacher is sick after the start of the school day?
A: Call our 1-800 number. We will immediately start working on scheduling a substitute.

Q: What do we do if we have a problem with a sub?
A: Call SubTeachUSA and let us know. We keep such matters confidential.

Q: How will we know who is going to be coming into our building each day?
A: You will have access to our AESOP system. It is web based and can be accessed from desktop, laptop, I Pad or smartphone.

Q: What do we do if a sub gets hurt at school?
A: Call SubTeachUSA immediately and ask to speak to HR manager (person handling worker’s comp).

Q: What do we do if a sub gets sick and has to leave in the middle of an assignment?
A: Let us know and we will immediately work on refilling the job.

Q: Can I move the subs around after they arrive at school?
A: Yes, we want the best available sub for each class so we encourage school personnel to move subs as needed. We just ask that you let us know of any changes so that it will be reflected correctly in AESOP and your detailed invoice.

Q: Can we block a substitute from just one classroom or age group?
A: Yes.

Q: How often will our subs be paid?
A: Subs are paid weekly.

Q: Do all subs have to pass a background check?
A: Yes.