SubTeachUSA started in 2003 in Paragould, AR with a single school district. Since that time, we have continued to provide trained, quality substitute teachers to classrooms. We are very familiar with rules and regulations in the field of education and our customer service is unparalleled in the industry. We offer a full service substitute solution. SubTeachUSA utilizes AESOP automated system. If you are a current sub, click here to login to AESOP.

We at SubTeachUSA understand the difficulties of the hectic day-to-day activities you face throughout your day and the school year. Searching for the right substitute teachers can be an involved process that consumes time you just do not have.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and provide the ideal substitutes for your school in a timely and effective manner. Our substitutes are well trained and meet all requirements of the school districts in which they work. We provide training and support education for all of our new and experienced substitute teachers. Our substitutes encompass the entire PreK-12 spectrum.

We can provide sub-managers to support the substitutes if necessary. We provide customized billing and attendance reports for your peace of mind. Our friendly staff is always available to assist your school staff with any substitute related issues.

If you have questions about our program or would like to set up an appointment with Tammy Winn, Director of Operations, please call us toll-free @ 1-800-641-0140 OR e-mail at your convenience.


 Tammy Winn
 Director of Operations



School Administrators like our program because:administrators

We increase the quantity and the quality of the substitute teachers available to your school district.

School Bookkeepers like our program because:accounting

We provide the district with a customized, detailed statement and we offer several valuable reports on absenteeism.

School Principals like our program because:principal

We handle the problems with substitute teachers and we do all the scheduling.

School Teachers like our program because:teachers

We provide trained substitute teachers and we give them strict instructions about following lesson plans and classroom management.

Substitute Teachers like our program because:substitutes

We provide weekly payroll and offer a toll free support line for substitute teachers, easy scheduling and 24 hour access in advance!

Students and parents like our program because:students

We train our substitute teachers to see that learning continues when they are in the classroom.